The EcoBuilders

The Project Green section of Newsweek (March 17, 2008) has an article about builder Ron Moody:

And whether he’s building new homes or renovating old ones, he insulates them to the hilt, uses sustainable materials and recycles so much debris that he requires only the smallest Dumpsters.

I love that he recycles his debris. The builders in the Nashville area just dump their trash next to the subdivisions they are building:



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    David Placiance said,

    “The earth is not a trash can” is a quote from Rob Moody. What a bunch of garbage! Is that the best they can come up with?

    So many builders say they are green when they only thing green about them is the price they charge for their homes.

    These guys sell their homes for $250-$300 a square foot. who the heck can afford that. Green building should be affordable for the common citizen, not just the rich elites!

    More greenwashing

  2. 2

    planettrash said,

    I wasn’t aware that Rob Moody said that when I started the blog. He’s a great guy.

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