Plastic Bags in the News

USA Today this morning has a front page story called Tide turns against use of plastic bags. And, no, Alabama friends and fans, it’s not about the Crimson Tide.


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    Dana Miller said,

    Here’s another cool alternative to paper and plastic bags – BaggyShirts are multi-purpose reusable bags made from recycled clothing! They are made from recycled men’s shirts, and the folks who make them work from their homes and are paid an above-average wage for their industry. Very cool….very green…..check them out at!

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    planettrash said,

    This is a great idea. Good luck with the business.

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    Gene Steele said,

    I have invented a recycling receptical, called the Bag Man. system. This name is short for Bag Management system , which is exactlly what it does. I invented this Bag Management system because i trully believe that a major part of the solution to the problem of plastic bags is developing a reasonable recycling method. Over one trillion plastic bags are produced each year in the United States, and lest than 5% are recycled. Why? Anyone can ask, WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR PLASTIC BAGS? And the answers will be the same all over the world. WE put our bags,in a drawer, or a cabinet, or under the sink, or maybe we throw them in the trash, where they can in up in our landfills. There needs to be a reasonable alternative, so we are encouraged to recycle more plastic bags. And i think that the BAG MAN SYSTEM IS THE WAY>

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