Composting My Garbage

While I have always recycled and been frugal with my resources, I have become more so as I get older. I tried composting for the first time last summer in an open pit area in the backyard, but the food stuffs didn’t “compost”. They just sat there. Recently I learned that the Public Works Department of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County sells composters at cost to individuals. To schools and other non-profit groups, the composters are free.

I purchased one on Tuesday, but haven’t put it together yet. I bought a 60-gallon composter, made of recycled plastic, and a thermometer for $50. That’s not a bad deal considering that most of the ones I saw for purchase on the internet were a few hundred dollars. If the rain, snow and/or ice abates this weekend, I plan to set it up in our backyard. I’m saving my foodstuffs and lint, plus a co-worker will bring me five gallons of horse manure to get me started. The latter caused my husband a little shock.

If you live in the Nashville, Tennessee area (you don’t have to live in Davidson County), here is the link to purchase a composter. I’m excited that I can put my dryer lint and dog hair in the composter. That reduces my trash output to the landfill. I can also add cardboard toilet paper rollers, which will reduce what I take to the recycling center.

Composting has been one thing I have undertaken during the Great American Clean Up.

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    phenixrisen said,

    Dog hair does not compost easily. It is better to leave that to the birds.

    How has your bin experiment turned out? Typically if you can not compost outdoors then you will have problems with a bin since it can only increase airflow into a composting system. I’d hazard a guess that your previous attempt at outdoor composting failed b/c you lacked the proper size and nitrogen to carbon ratios.

    If you are interested in only composting your food waste try Vermiculture instead. Red worms create compost faster than traditional composting techniques.

  2. 2

    Ridhima said,

    Hey thanx i needed that for my home work

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