How to Explode a Coke Can (without really trying)

In our kitchen at the office, we have a refrigerator, which is often used as a trash can (like planet earth). Employees put food into it, forget about the food, then a bad smell knocks you down, when the refrigerator door is opened. The ‘fridge is usually so full that cartons come flying out when I open the door to retrieve some baby carrots.
There is an ice maker, which makes both cubes and crushed ice—plus filtered ice water. But some employees like to drink their colas icy cold from the can, so they put the soft drink into the side freezer compartment. You know the story from here. The phone rings. Mama and friends start IM’ing like crazy about the weekend. The boss needs the budget redone by noon. Baby got a doctor’s appointment, and….


That’s a Diet Coke can that split down the middle like a tight pair of pants. I don’t think that it can be called a soft drink any more.


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    lcreekmo said,

    You are a kind person for not naming names. 🙂 As I said on email, I don’t REMEMBER putting that in there last week, but I have exploded so many of those in that freezer that I am going to clean it up just on general principles.

    I would like to note, it’s been more than a year, maybe longer, since I’ve been responsible for anything gross in the fridge.

  2. 2

    planettrash said,

    We’re not sure it’s yours, as it isn’t a Splenda Diet Coke. There may be a guilty soul lurking around the office.

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