Let's Do Some Math Today

Because today was warm and sunny, I walked the dog along the common areas of our neighborhood and took a bag along to pick up any bottles and cans I might find. After all, one of my goals during the Great American Clean Up is to pick up at least one piece of trash a day. I found four aluminum cans and two plastic bottles. If I pick up four littered aluminum cans during the 92 days of the Great American Clean Up, that’s 368 cans. If ten readers of this blog, pick up the same, that’s 3680 cans in 92 days. While there is literally lots of litter on our street, we can make a dent in the amount of trash in our country during the next three months.

Now, if we can persuade those who litter to stop for 92 days, what a difference that would make.


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    brenthiggs said,

    I know what you mean on average when I go for a walk at night or after work I end up coming home with at least 1 to 2 plastic bags full of bottles, and cans that so many people have just discarded. and I am talking the shopping bags which I reuse until there is no more life left in them.

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