The Image of America: A New Flag

plasticbag_1150.jpgI propose that the United States replace its glorious Stars and Stripes with a new symbol. It’s the one I see everywhere caught on trees and flapping in the wind. It’s the Grand Ole Plastic Bag. That’s the image I see when I think of my homeland. I don’t think of “amber waves of grains, purple mountains, gracious skies or the fruited plains”. I think of WalMart or Kroger plastic bags blowing in the wind along the wide breezy interstates, overloaded with gas-guzzling SUVs. Forget tumbleweeds. I see wads of plastic bags rolling across flat lands.

As I entered a Walgreens yesterday, less than three feet from the front door, I saw a man drop a small Walgreens bag as he removed his purchase. I picked up the tiny bag. After all, it’s not patriotic to toss a national symbol on the ground.


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    Nigel said,

    I have the Grand Ole Plastic Bag flying in the tree outside my bedroom window… and I’m from Canada!

    Great picture, love the site.

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