RR Waste Solutions: Not

This morning I was driving east on Charlotte Pike. Trash was raining down on the car in front of me and my car. When the car in front of me stopped, I saw a mechanical arm pick up a residential trash can and attempt to dump its contents into a white truck. Most of the garbage went into the truck, but several pieces flew through the air toward our cars. Intrigued by this inefficient method of emptying trash cans, I noticed the Red River Service Corporation on the side of the truck.


I copied this image off their home page and wrote a description of what I saw. And in the PlanetTrash tradition, I’ll contact them and Metro Nashville Public Works.

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    If you would like you can contact me at 1-512-215-1679 and I will be glad to address this incident with you to work to solve any future occurences like this. James A. Smith President and CEO.

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    Andrew Johnson said,

    I think the company also goes by Red River Waste Solutions (www.rrwastesolutions.com) and they use a similar type of truck in our neighborhood here in Texas. Since they started providing service in our town, my wife and I have both noticed that trash is being left on the streets by these trucks. We’ve even seen the trash actually blowing up and out from the top of the trucks while they are driving down the roads. One time a big piece of trash was actually caught by an overhanging tree as the truck drove underneath it and then left dangling in mid-air for weeks later. I have never seen any other trash companies using trucks like this. I agree with you that these particular trucks seem like a bad design.

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    del rio tx workers of red river waste fighting to join a union for better pay

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