McDonalds Is the King of Litter


We find more trash from McDonalds fast food than any other. I consider McDonalds an evil empire.


If we could eliminate all the meat processing that supplies McDonalds, global warming would be a thing of the past.

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    biffbuff said,

    you are a complete moron, companies cannot control what people do with their items after they are purchased. there are more cigarette butts throw on the ground as litter than anything else. if those who were hungry did not eat mcdonalds they would eat something else equal in amount, there would be no change in global warming, and they would still throw their garbage on the ground. you are more ignorant than those who litter, and both of you are intolerable. go educate yourself further by reading the newspaper comic section; throw it in the garbage when your done.

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    planettrash said,

    Hi, BiffBuff, companies can control how they package their “food” and encourage the morons who buy it to recycle. You are right about the cigarette butts. Butts also take ten years to disintegrate.

    I had a salad, some pistachio nuts and two apples for lunch. I ate the salad on a real plate with a real fork. No trash. If I choose to toss the apple core out the car window, an animal could eat it or it would disintegrate. Then millipedes could enjoy it. There are alternatives to fast food.

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    […] discovered the same thing in the United States last January as recorded on my blog, The Earth Is Not a Trash Can. […]

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    Taylor said,

    planettrash, i completely agree with you fast food company’s don’t push for recycling or anything like that, they don’t use recycled carbord or bio-degradable plastic. and just think about how much electricity they would use making the containers, cooking the food , lighting up the restronts and the slaughter houses i hiley doubt the use solar panels.

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    Drew said,

    To be honest, whoever wrote this article is devoting energy in the wrong areas. Have they considered possibly picking up the rubbish (shock/horror) instead of taking photos of it? If they were more concerned with the environment this would be a far better use of their energy

    • 6

      Drew, you are right. I pick up litter daily, as well as photograph it. Plus it is not McDonald’s who is king of litter, it is the morons who toss the McDonald’s packaging in the environment. Thanks for reading and caring about the environment.

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    geo jen said,

    Wow, we can be quick to throw stones! Naturally the person who takes the time and energy to take the photos bring up the discussion in a public forum is doing so to engage people and thus create awareness. Which is more than simply taking a few phots. And also effective, I might add! It attracted my attention, which I usually never give to these kinds of sites. I know you guys will hate me for saying so….but I think human/anthropogenic global warming is completely a farce, or hopelessly intangible at the very least. I’m a geologist, and this cycle of warming and cooling is right on par with one that has existed long before humans evolved, in terms of a geological time scale. So I think the notion that we can stop, or significantly slow it is just rediculous. (please read on before you decide that you hate me!) 🙂

    BUT, I appreciate the movement and the positive efforts…here’s why…we can’t really pin down specific human contributions to global warming, it’s a matter of conjecture and there is no scientific consensus. BUT we can UNDENIABLY see the consequences of human/anthropogenic pollution….pictures of smog on satellite, directly measuring air quality and looking at direct correlation with fatalities/respiratory diseases in our cities. We’ve seen this clearly and indisputably since I was a kind. There was never any need for debate.

    I’ve always thought it strange that the issue of global warming is the only thing that has managed to foster as much environmental conscicousness in the general public (or so it seems to me, at least). Even now, I hear MUCH more about global warming than I do about the overuse of antibiotics in our mainstream food supply, etc (just an example of something that is also very indisputable by comparison).

    I’ve always thought it kind of strange how we tend to have a relative non-reaction to constant (but familiar) serious threats….and over-react to foreign concepts that represent mass change, or some kind of unknown. Like how much people went so crazy about sars and the flu virus, many of whom I’m sure have never thought about their stress levels or cholesterol. And I think this global warming thing is kind of like that. EXCEPT that in this case, the end result is still good….which makes me happy. I DON’T think that we can do anything to stop global warming, but I DO think we might actually make our environment less toxic and our air cleaner in the process of trying to do so!

    Just my two cents. I’d be curious to know what you guys think.

    • 8

      While I take the time and energy to take the photos, I also serve my city as a commissioner of Beautification and Environment for my district. I also pick up quite a bit of the garbage I photograph. I educate folks about recycling and the harm litter does to our planet.

      I also am concerned about the amount of prescription and non-prescription drugs in our water supply. Our food is mostly manufactured, not grown. I try to eat foods as close to nature as possible. I have had contractors fined for dumping paint and building supplies in our water supply.

      I agree with you about the mass hysteria the media creates about SARS and the flu. More people are dying in America because they are overweight. Have you checked the yearly death toll from strokes and heart attacks? Thousands more die from disease than from terrorist attacks each year.

      I do not just photograph trash. I am also an activist.

      Please come back and visit again. We are probably not that different.

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    ed kemmp said,

    out of interest, i used to live in uk and a freind there in east anglia worked for a major cat food supplier. mcdonalds slaughterhouse in the area tendered for contracts to suppy meat to them, the same quality they used for burger line. it was rejected on analysis. resturants like mcdonalds advertise to a certain demographic. young people who have an expendable lifestyle and little care about the world or themselves. they just want to hang out somewhere away from parents and be ignorant rude and rebelious. thats what teenagers do. once i was one and did the same. that demographic is easy sales, and that demographic does not care about litter because there are people to pick that up as jobs and it makes suburban england look more like ”the american hood” they aspire to live in while listening to 50 cent. i am not that old, still in my 30s but remember when fast food wrappers were a couple sheets of old newspaper rather than a card box containing a polystyrene tray and plastic bags of sauce all in more plastic.. if you want sauce its in a bottle on the counter. now people are scared of poisen getting slipped into the bottles. what we need is a system that was autonomous years ago is free and works. when you see kids littering or being generally beligerent and testing what they can get away with, BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THEM. also put an age restriction on food places that are unhealthy and BAN plastic containers. paper is ok. better still, old newspaper. it soaks up fat. and you can read it while you puke.
    i wait for the real economic crisis to come and wipe this crap off the planet so we all have to focus on permaculture and survival rather than desperate fkn houswives and the latest iphone.

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