Those Plastic Newspaper Sleeves and Dry Cleaning Bags

Publix Supermarkets, where shopping is a pleasure, will take these items in their plastic bins. That’s great news, but the best thing to do is to cancel newspaper home delivery and to refuse the dry cleaning bags. I asked that my clothes not be bagged last time. I got a small smudge on a white blouse when I placed my clothes in my car, but no big deal to me.

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    Diane said,

    Thanks for the tip. I am using cloth bags for my groceries and not accepting paper or plastic when asked.I am trying to “go green” for my new year’s resolution and couldn’t figure out what to do with the sleeves.

    I also don’t know what to do with the styrofoam “to go” boxes.

  2. 2

    Nick said,

    As i dry cleaner, I see more and more people who are refusing plastic bags that their clothes go in. I am looking into canvas bags with my logo on them. Although I can’t put canvas bags on the outgoing clothes, I can accommodate others who are trying to do their part in keeping our earth clean and green!!

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    Julie said,

    Be sure that they aren’t just throwing away the dry cleaning bags when you refuse them. (The clerk could just pull of the bag and throw it away when they see the note on the ticket.) But at least you are sending a small message.
    What about the simple idea of reusable bags for dry cleaning? You could pay a one-time deposit fee to use reusable bags, and bring them back when you drop off your next batch– it costs the dry cleaners nothing!

  4. 4

    Jamie said,

    I admire all of your for your aversion to plastic. Please check out my website. I have created a reusable dry cleaning bag. You leave it with your dirty clothes at the dry cleaner and just tell them no plastic and pick up your clean clothes inside nice and neat. Please check it out , any comments are appreciated.

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      Lin-Z said,

      Jamie, this is a great idea! i hope people catch on to this idea, as i know i have. i am going to order one today and also send the link out to friends to encourage them to use these great bags as well!

    • 6

      Linda said,

      Please furnish me your website URL. I would love to see your reusable dry cleaning bag.
      Thank you, Linda

  5. 8

    Jennie said,

    We have a reusable dry cleaning bag company and we supply various dry cleaners around the country. Please feel visit our site for our free bag offer and we’ll happily send you a free GREEN GARMENTO reusable dry cleaning bag. The price of the bag is far less than anything on the market and they are great looking!

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