Fast Food Faction

I quit eating fast food years ago, when I gave my dog a McDonalds burger, and he refused to eat it. I thought that it would be a special treat for him Was I wrong! He finally ate it after sniffing and playing with the patty. I ate a McDonalds with him. We both had an unusual, but similar, body odor later in the day.

Almost three years ago we gave up meat (anything that walks: chicken, turkey, pork, beef, never ate lamb). We did it for health reasons, but we’ve learned since then, that commercialized meat production is bad for the environment and adds to global warming.

The waste created after a fast food meal is also bad for the environment. Recently, we’ve had an enormous amount of fast food packaging thrown along the road leading to our house. In less than an hour, I snapped over fifty images of fast food garbage dumped on the side of the road. We’ll be featuring this trash starting tonight with A as in Arby’s.



You can go here and ask Arby’s to pick up the litter in your community. I just did.


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