Baby, You Can(n’t) Drive My Car

Here’s today Green Tip from the Sierra Club. I totally agree with the tip and have driven my car in this manner for years.

Buying a hybrid isn’t the only way to reduce your car’s impact on the
environment. Changing your driving habits can increase your vehicle’s
fuel efficiency and reduce its carbon emissions while keeping you safer
on the road. Here’s how:

* Take it easy. Aggressive driving, including abrupt starts, extreme
acceleration, and hard braking wastes gas and contributes
significantly more pollution than normal driving.
* Travel at the speed limit or lower. Driving at 75 mph instead of
65 mph will decrease your fuel efficiency by about 10 percent, and
can dramatically increase tailpipe pollution in many vehicles.

I reported earlier than I got an average of 36.15 MPG in my Mini on its first tank of gas. I’m getting 40 MPG on the second tank. It pays to drive sensibly, if you have to drive at all.

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