Ways to Reduce Accepting Plastic Bags

I’m overjoyed that San Francisco is now plastic bag free. Since retailers in our area readily stick any item in a plastic bag, I sometimes struggle saying, “No thanks.” So here are two helpful hints to avoid taking that plastic bag out of the store:

  • Put a canvas tote in the car or stash one in the office (if you’re riding the bus that day) to have it available for last minute shopping before getting home from work. Often, I’ve had to stop to pick up a last minute item for dinner without a canvas tote available.
  • Yesterday, I bought cat food in a paper bag and a bag of dog biscuits. The clerk put both into separate plastic bags, although the items didn’t need them. I told her that I didn’t want the plastic bags, so she removed the items. Then she helped me carry my pet food to the car.

After an hour or two of shopping, I brought home one plastic bag with a pair of sweatpants in it. I have guilt feelings if I’m walking around a mall or a grocery store with an item in my personal tote. I’m sure time and more folks refusing plastic will help those feelings.

I’m going to contact public officials in my city and state and request that they follow San Francisco’s lead. Hey, just think of all that petroleum we’re going to save.

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    planettrash said,

    I just emailed my city councilman, mayor, congressman and two senators. It’s easy. Go to their websites. No more plastic.

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    […] about Plastic Bags Filed under: environment — planettrash @ 7:23 pm On November 26, we posted that we would contact our elected officials to encourage them to ban plastic bags in […]

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