No Bones about Plastic

This article from the Washington Post tells ways to keep your pets green. While the article is very good, encouraging shopping at Petco for green pet needs is not a good suggestion, as that place sells live animals, often exotics. Try a locally owned store, who doesn’t trade in live animals. We’re lucky in the Nashville area to have Nashville Pet Products.

One of the ways mentioned in the article to stay green is to keep cats indoors. I’m sorry that we have to keep our cats outdoors, but we have an aged cocketiel, who is king of the house. Plus I am allergic to cats. The only reason we own cats is because someone else dumped them. I hate the fact that my cats occasionally kill birds, which is the main reason I never had a cat as a pet. I just couldn’t turn down their sad little faces.


Discarded Kitties

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    […] Filed under: Going Green, environment — planettrash @ 8:59 pm I bought SWheatScoop today. Christmas and Tiger use the litter box more when the weather turns cooler. This stuff had better be good and worth the […]

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