Living Litter

Unfortunately, some of the things tossed out are animals, the living litter. When we moved into our house 11 years ago, I heard animal noises during the night. The cries continued in the day time. Finally I located the sounds in the master bathroom under the jacuzzi tub. My husband opened one of the doors under the tub and yelled, “It’s full of cats.” Well, actually one kitten, mostly black without a tail. A neighbor brought a can of tuna to the starved animal, and we convinced one of the construction workers to take it. NoTail was returned to the neighborhood, was adopted by another family and still lives there. Here he is as he visited our cats. Earlier in this blog, an orange tabby was in a photo. That’s Tiger who adopted us years later, when we weren’t stressed out by moving and already had a cat named Christmas, who adopted us shortly after 9/11.


People who abandon animals make me mad. I view it as having no respect for our world. Just as I view trashing the streets.

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